Thursday, May 23, 2013

Creative Bube Tube | Health Canada Approves Natural Product, Insect Defend Patch

As the mosquito season approaches, many people search for effective insect protection which remains free from the harmful chemicals found in most insect defence products. This is the first spring where they can be assured by Health Canada's full approval of the natural solution Insect Defend Patch (IDP) and the Natural Health Product number which it was issued on November 27th, 2012.

IDP has generated momentum for this product for over 5 years with the help of top advertising agency Creative Bube Tube, and this approval is a landmark event in the history of insect defence. The Insect Defend Patch, now also known as NPN #80037826 is the only Health Canada approved Natural Health Product proven to help reduce mosquito bites.

As one of the most stringent health organizations in the world, Health Canada's full approval gives the public assurance that using Insect Defend Patch has a positive effect in safely reducing mosquito bites. While pending this status, IDP had a temporary exemption number, and after a full review of their field test results and safety protocols, Health Canada put their stamp of approval on the natural insect defence product.

Approximately 1.3 million patches were sold within Canada in 2012 and with this approval the company looks forward to a promising distribution future, providing the public with a safe and natural mosquito defence product. Insect Defend Patch would like to extend a special thanks to all their retailers who supported them by carrying the patch while they were awaiting Health Canada's full approval.

Insect Defend Patch would also like to thank their partners and associates for their vision and support in helping them get to this level. These partners include, Creative Bube Tube (who created their special effects and animated television commercials), AKM Services International, For the Ages, Impact Sales and Marketing, World Famous Distribution, Best Pak, DSA Consulting, ARTURUS Testing, KGK Synergize, Marketech, Italo Labignan and Canadian Sport Fishing, Ronnie Whittick and last but not least, the CBC's Dragons' Den where Brett Wilson and Jim Treliving offered them the biggest deal ever in the show's history.

Most importantly the principals at Insect Defend Patch would like to thank their customers. The fact that they kept supporting the product and buying the patch because it works, says it all!

Creative Bube Tube

With representation from east to west in both the United States and Canada, Creative Bube Tube is a television and social media agency serving medium to large clients from across the globe in sports, pharmaceutical, health and lifestyle, food and beverage, automotive and many other industries. From creative ideation to results, they have produced over 400 television campaigns since opening in 2006. 



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