Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Obama's global rankings down a bit

President Obama still gets high ratings from most other countries -- certainly higher that predecessor George W. Bush -- but Obama's rankings have slipped over the past three years, says a new survey of 21 nations.

"Europeans and Japanese remain largely confident in Obama, albeit somewhat less so than in 2009, while Muslim publics remain largely critical," reports the Pew Research Center's Global Attitudes Project.

"A similar pattern characterizes overall ratings for the U.S." as a whole, the report says. "In the EU and Japan, views are still positive, but the U.S. remains unpopular in nations such as Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and Pakistan."

The story is a little bit different in China, where confidence in Obama has declined by 24% and approval of his policies has fallen 30 points.

"Mexicans have also soured on his policies, and many fewer express confidence in him today," reports Pew.

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